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The Cloud Infrastructure Summit was an interactive 1-day event featuring a series of keynotes, presentations and panel sessions, addressing the key challenges and opportunities faced by senior technology professionals and business leaders. The conference programme featured 10 sessions providing a stack of opportunity for the audience to source information, ideas and inspiration to design, build and manage their technology architecture.

The sessions consist of inspirational keynotes, case-study based presentations and fiery panel discussions. This event create an unparalleled learning opportunity for data teams.



Conference Programme

The conference programme covers key topics, emerging trends, customer journeys and what’s next. Delegates can customise their learning experience, joining for a few hours or the full day. Key themes are:

  • Multi-cloud
  • Hybrid IT Infrastructure
  • Edge, AI and Emerging Tech


Here's an overview of what you can hear:

10.05 - 10.50 - Multi & Hybrid Cloud: Is vendor-lock that much of a concern?
The advantages of hybrid and multi-cloud configurations are well publicised; diversify spend and skills, enhanced risk management, agility and the ability to cherry pick features and capabilities from different cloud service providers avoiding vendor lock-in. In this session we explore how much of a concern is vendor lock-in and does it hinder your ability to optimise and innovate? The time, effort and cost of switching. Can you really know the ins and outs of all the different platforms, how they work, interconnect and crucially how they break?

• Richard Simon - CTO, MultiCloud Global consultancy
• Aubrey Stearn - Interim CTO
• Guy Rombaut - Chief Technology Officer, Urban Sports Club & OneFit
• Craig Warmington - Associate Partner, UBDS


11.00 - 11.25 - Transitioning to a Cloud-native Operating Model
Transitioning from a traditional IT operating model to a cloud-native model is one of the most prominent challenges organisations face as they migrate to cloud. Going cloud-native requires intertwining cloud technologies with an organisation's digital strategy. But cloud IT can't be achieved by merely purchasing the right tools; it requires cultural empowerment and skillset change.

In this session, Craig shares over 20 years of experience in digital transformation and how to successfully transition to a cloud-native operating model at pace, looking beyond architecture and design and into culture, responsibility and organisation.

• Craig Warmington - Associate Partner, UBDS


11.35 - 12.00 - Cloud Adoption and Obstacles to Innovation in Financial Services
Techerati Editor hosts a one-on-one interview with Aubrey Stearn, interim CTO and self-confessed finance geek and DevOps cowgirl. Aubrey discusses the evolution of cloud adoption in the banking sector, the factors that are stymying innovation, and the strategy and people needed to alleviate them.

• Aubrey Stearn - Interim CTO


12.10 - 12.35 - Norway – the gateway to the hybrid cloud.​​​​​​
Secure colocation, sustainability and cost efficiencies bundled up with on-demand connectivity to all leading cloud providers. Sounds too good to be true? In this session, Svein Atle Hagaseth from Green Mountain will explain why colocation in Norway will help you achieve sustainability targets and reduce cost and how you can connect from Norway across the globe and to the cloud.

•  Svein Atle Hagaseth - Chief Sales Officer, Green Mountain


13.20 - 13.45 - How Nationwide is using the Cloud to realise its technology ambitions
Founded in the 1800’s, Nationwide Building Society has continually moved with the times, keeping innovation at the forefront. In recent years, they’ve embraced the use of Public Cloud technologies to help them become more resilient, agile and efficient, and over the last few months they have leveraged these investments in order to respond to the pandemic and support their members when they most need it.

Gary Delooze, the CIO of the world’s largest Building Society, and the driving force behind their technology strategy, will share:

- The ambitions of their technology strategy, for now and the future
- What they have learned from establishing a Cloud CoE in a regulated industry
- How cloud is enabling Nationwide Building Society to support both customers and employees during COVID-19
- How Nationwide have put people at the heart of their cloud journey

• Gary Delooze - Chief Information Officer, Nationwide Building Society


13.55 - 14.20 - Preventing cloud lock in with modern data architectures and the use of NoSQL
Your Budget is Gone, Your Data-Intensive Application is Next, What Do You Do? IT departments are facing a radically different operating climate than they did last winter. Now their entire user and customer communities have moved exclusively online. Also, the number of multi-cloud deployments is growing, so too does the need for a single source managed service which is secure and fully automated. Organisations demand the capability to deploy data across multiple cloud vendors without being locked in to one provider. This session will discuss the architectural choices available and how they can be used to avoid the problems of cloud provider lock ins.

The session will also provide answers for how to improve development team agility by adopting versatile NoSQL database platforms, while it is automatically deployed and managed within their providers' virtual private cloud. It will introduce the In-VPC style of deployment, which eliminates an inconvenient data residency issue found in everyday SaaS products who house customer data outside the owners' network. Couchbase can show customers how to control their data at all times and can use a single control plane to manage multiple distributed cloud clusters deployed everywhere.

• Dr Mohammed Haji - Manager - EMEA North Solutions Engineering, Couchbase


14.30 - 15.15 - Building your freedom in the cloud
Modern applications are changing how we choose, deploy and deliver technology services. Interoperability, security controls, and multi-cloud all play their part in enabling greater value and freedom of choice. Join this panel discussion as leading technology figures explore the must-haves for innovation and how to embrace cloud-native architectures.

• Bill Mew - Privacy and digital ethics campaigner and CEO - The Crisis Team
• Alain Fiocco - Executive Vice President & CTO, OVHcloud
• Joe Baguley - Vice President & CTO - EMEA, VMware
• Abhijit Sunil - Analyst | Sustainability and Digital Transformation, Forrester


15.25 - 16.10 - Cost Management & Usage: Managing Your Cloud Bill
For many businesses, cloud has been viewed as a chance to reduce CapEx. Whilst migrating to the cloud can certainly help reduce IT costs, moving to the cloud as a cost saving strategy is unlikely to deliver the desired result. Cloud migration has been accelerated for many businesses, with many IT leaders having to come up with creative solutions to cover the costs of increased usage. So how do we balance the need to continue to have infrastructure that supports the remote workforce and drives innovation whilst managing cost and security?

• Andy Foley - Cloud FinOps Lead, Nationwide Building Society
• Will Owen - Governance Lead - Cloud Center of Excellence, Maersk Technology
• Dimple Dalby - Lead Cloud Platform Engineer,




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Who should attend?

The Infrastructure Summit’s attendees are Chief, VP, SVP, Director, Head, Manager and Lead:

  • IT

Attendees benefit from:

  • Free access to the event and educational content
  • The opportunity to connect and chat/ video with exhibitors & other attendees
  • Be matched to the most valuable/ interesting exhibitors via the matchmaking tool
  • The possibility to start engaging before the summit, scheduling virtual meetings and filling up your diary before we go live on the day


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