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Curious for what's in store?

Our conference programme will be live in January, but here's a quick taste of some of our sessions confirmed for Cloud Expo Europe 2022...

Digital insights: The changing role of IT departments when you move to the cloud

When you outsource many of your apps, tools and services to a third-party cloud provider, the entire role of IT changes. For example, where once IT staff managed and installed software and hardware, they’re now responsible for preparing the business for updates being rolled out by your CSP. This means that the way IT interacts with the rest of the business changes too. IT departments must learn new skills and ways of working, interacting regularly with your CSP and dealing with very different support tickets to what was the norm just a couple of years ago. In this panel session, you will learn:

• How to upskill IT teams for this new model
• What skills you might need to hire for
• The role of IT staff as technology facilitators
• Navigating the increased interaction between IT and other business units

Top tips: Optimise your costs in the cloud

Have you seen your cloud costs spiral? Although CSP’s will tell you the cloud can save you money on your IT bill, many organisations find the opposite is in fact true. Key factors here are overprovisioned resources that are barely used, or ‘zombie’ accounts (for staff that have left the business or projects that are now closed). To keep your CFO happy, you’ll need a plan to optimise your cloud costs. Fortunately, this can be achieved using a combination of tracking tools as well as more hands-on techniques. Attend this panel to learn:

• What the most common cloud costs are
• Setting rules and protocols for staff when they ‘spin up’ new resources
• Overview of cloud cost tracking tools available on the market
• How to read your cloud bill and identify overspend
• Creating a vision for your cloud’s future
• Maintenance, management and governance
• KPI’s for successful cloud implementation
• Deciding whether to switch or stay with your current cloud provider

Master class: Migrating to the public cloud in 2022 – dos and don’ts

Will you be migrating to the public cloud this year? One benefit of holding off until now is that CSP’s and channel partners have a lot more experience of helping customers make the move. This panel session is targeted at organisations that have dabbled with the cloud – perhaps you have a private cloud or have used one or two public cloud services – but are now ramping up to make a wholesale migration. Our panel experts will talk you through the issues, lessons learnt and best practices for:

• Migrating mission-critical workloads
• How to migrate
• Security and compliance
• Change management and training
Climate debate: Are your cloud practices environmentally sustainable?

Climate debate: Are your cloud practices environmentally sustainable?

If your organisation is committed to sustainability, it is essential to interrogate how your use of the cloud impacts the environment. Of course, the biggest energy cost in the cloud relates to how your private or public cloud data centre is powered. Sourcing green electricity will have the biggest impact in reducing your carbon footprint, and many of the biggest cloud providers have signalled their commitment to do more here. But there are plenty of other things you can do which will bring down energy usage. Attend this panel session to find out about things like:

• Improving cloud performance
• Boosting user experience (ease of finding content cuts energy use)
• Green energy providers for private cloud data centres

Future Planning : What is your cloud strategy?

So, you’ve migrated to the cloud. But what’s next? Defining a strategy for your cloud environment will help you make the most of what it has to offer. How are you going to accommodate the endless updates to your platforms? How will you keep managing risk and compliance issues? Who will be responsible for maintaining an inventory of apps you use? Will you become more ‘cloudy’ or will you maintain a hybrid environment? This panel discussion is targeted at those organisations who’ve moved to the cloud and are now thinking about the future. Learn about:

• Creating a vision for your cloud’s future
• Maintenance, management and governance
• KPI’s for successful cloud implementation
• Deciding whether to switch or stay with your current cloud provider


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