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Why telcos are optimistic for the cloud opportunity

Telco businesses are going through a period of flux. Out is the steady revenue of call, text and broadband connection. In are 5G networks, VoIP services, and a world of internet connected washing machines, water meters and wearables. And the cloud will play an incredibly important role in all of these new technologies.

These changes are transforming business models, and over 75% of global telcos say they’re optimistic about the future in 2021. How should you prepare?


The cloud is your friend

Although Over The Top voice and text services from cloud providers like Google or Microsoft compete heavily with traditional telco services, this is really yesterday’s battle. For emerging technologies, the cloud will be a major enabler for the telco sector.

5G is of course set to be a game changer in the coming years, and it simply won’t be possible without cloud providers. As users generate and download far more data than ever, choosing cloud services that can meet your customers’ demands will be essential. It will also be key to invest in Telco Cloud solutions and to develop network function virtualization strategies that let you respond to the increased demand.

The same goes for the revolution in Internet connected devices. From heart monitors to energy meters to self-driving cars, the IoT is going to rely on effective communication with the cloud. Configuring those links is going to be invaluable.

And of course, in a world of remote working, telcos play a crucial role in providing the infrastructure that makes WFH a possibility. Once again, the cloud is the industry’s friend when it comes to delivering those services.

Adapting to a new business model

Perhaps the greatest challenge that the cloud presents to telcos is that it’s set to shake up long-established business models. Firms will need to develop new relationships with cloud providers to ensure customers can make more use of the tech.

Business customers will also increasingly rely on telco firms to hook up thousands of devices to the internet and make IoT networks function. This is going to require news skills and know how.

There are also reasonable concerns about privacy and security. With customers sharing ever more data via sensors, telcos need to ensure the connections they provide to the cloud are impenetrable.

Primer on the cloud for telcos

Cloud Expo 2022 will help you get to grips with these challenges and opportunities. Our industry expert speakers will explore how telcos can benefit from the cloud and look at how to choose and use technology to achieve your goals. The event also offers the opportunity to meet suppliers, learn from peers and inform your cloud strategy.


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