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What role will the cloud play in the public sector’s bounce back?

64% of UK government leaders said the pandemic forced them to rewrite their digital plans. The cloud has played a vital role in responding flexibly to the pandemic. What role will it play moving forward?

Public sector technology faces a moment of flux

The government borrowed a record £317 billion to respond to the coronavirus crisis. This spending means public sector budgets will inevitably be restricted in the coming years. The reality is that lean governance and doing more with less is going to be the norm - for at least the first half of the decade. Decisions about how you invest in technology will face real scrutiny.

At the same time, public sector staff have become accustomed to remote working and easy access to data from anywhere. Developing a strategy that responds to ‘hybrid’ working patterns (some staff at home, some in the office) will be vital.

The public now expects government services to be fully digitally accessible too. Big picture thinking will be needed to explore how to deliver comprehensive services to all – regardless of the branch of government, they interact with.

And public sector organisations continue to face the challenge of dealing with legacy technology. Creating a plan to deal with older IT systems will become an ever more pressing concern.

The cloud can unlock public sector potential

The government’s Cloud First Policy is already pushing public sector bodies to adopt this technology across the board. And in the coming years it represents a real opportunity to innovate while reducing costs.

With the right strategy in place, the cloud provides a method of supporting flexible working patterns permanently. By modernising technology, the cloud also presents an opportunity to rationalise and reorganise services. It makes it possible to envision a true, one-government portal where individuals can access everything from their council tax to their driving license applications to their tax records.

With its capacity to process vast quantities of data, the cloud allows public sector bodies to benefit from innovations related to artificial intelligence (AI). The opportunities for improving services are endless here – be that identifying fraud, delivering benefits or predicting future housing demand.

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