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How can Media & Entertainment firms make the most of cloud?

More than half of all Media & Entertainment firms are using the public cloud today - and this proportion is only going to rise as audience expectations and working cultures change. Yet despite the many benefits that the cloud brings M&E firms, obstacles remain before we can expect universal take up.

M&E firms still reticent about cloud

Adopting the cloud represents a major shift in how Media & Entertainment businesses work. Having relied for decades on linear broadcasting and physical content libraries, moving to the cloud will push firms to change long-established workflows.

For many, the technical shift represents one of the biggest obstacles. Millions of gigabytes of content need to be moved and reformatted for cloud storage. The way editors save, store and publish files will look very different to what’s come before.

Then there is the challenge of providing (and maintaining) content via Over The Top hubs – not to mention organising them to be user friendly. All of these changes represent massive shifts in how M&E firms work.

There are also important security considerations too. Publishers need to be certain that malicious actors cannot hack into systems and steal popular shows, broadcast albums that have not yet been released or intercept sensitive content.



But the benefits outweigh the costs

Cloud adoption by M&E firms continues to rise despite these challenges. The fact is, the cloud can save enormous sums of money when it comes to storage, especially of archive content.

But the real benefits relate to new monetisation opportunities. By bringing more video, audio and written content online, M&E businesses can avail of cutting-edge data analytics and artificial intelligence tools. By tracking audience interactions, all M&E firms can deploy the kind of hyper-personalisation pioneered by the likes of Netflix and Spotify.

The gaming industry in particular stands to benefit from cloud investments, especially as international eSports competitions draw more viewers and participants from around the world.

Cloud-based editing and production suites also offer advanced tools that let editors, journalists and creative teams work from anywhere with an internet connection. With remote work likely to continue to be a feature of our professional lives, cloud-based production suits will facilitate flexibility and safe working practices.

Cloud makes the cut

So how should M&E organisations stitch all these technologies and processes together? At Cloud Expo 2023 you will hear from technology leaders at M&E firms who have already made the move to the cloud. Attend to find out how to adjust your strategy, which technologies can support you and meet the cloud suppliers whose solutions will help you meet 21st century audience expectations.


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