Cloud Expo Europe London



Co-Located With:

  • DL
  • CCSE
  • IOT
  • Big Data World
  • BTW
  • Data Centre World

Co-Located With:

  • DevOps Live
  • Cloud & Cyber Security Expo
  • Smart IoT
  • Big Data World
  • Blockchain Tech World
  • Data Centre World

Theatres and Topics

Cloud Expo Europe Keynote Theatre

This theatre hosts foremost international technology leaders, including world-class industry visionaries, expert speakers and enterprise leaders driving a global transformative shift towards cloud computing and other disruptive technologies.

Infrastructure, Storage & Virtualisation Theatre

This theatre covers the latest on cloud infrastructures and s torage technologies, plus why virtualisation is still key and continuing to increase at a rapid rate. Speakers will explore why the right strategies and simplified infrastructures will offer a solid proposition for large and small enterprises alike.

DevOps, Containers and Software Architecture Theatre

Experience how and why DevOps and containers provide real value for developers, application lifecycle specialists and the wider IT team. Hear about the latest and emerging techniques and technologies in the DevOps and containers space and understand how DevOps and containers are changing the IT landscape. Experts will share their theory on how these disciplines can improve interoperability, while creating a stable base for emerging technologies and practices.

Multi-Cloud Strategy & Management and Services & Applications Theatre

More organisations are running two or more cloud services to minimise the risk of data loss (or downtime), enhance performance and avoid "vendor lock-in". If you are running a multi-cloud environment or deciding on the best mix of cloud infrastructures, from providers including Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon Web Services, then this is a must-attend theatre.

Cloud Innovations Theatre

More and more vendors are entering the cloud market; for IT pros it is more difficult than ever, with a plethora of options to choose from. This theatre will help you determine the right approach and solutions to tailor your own IT environment.

Agile Networks (SDN & NFV) Theatre

The network is becoming more agile and static architecture of conventional networks must evolve – is yours!? In this theatre you can learn about Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and see first-hand why these latest technologies are better suited to meet the dynamic compute and storage needs of today and tomorrow’s data centres, campuses, carrier environments, applications, mobile workforce and technology infrastructures.

Finance & Banking Technology Theatre inc. Fintech

Hear from technology leaders, fintech start-ups and businesses, who are disrupting traditional financial institutions. They are doing this by offering the same or similar services, but in cheaper, more innovative and more interoperable ways. Whether you work in this sector or not, it’s an exciting space and one to learn from, with ideas aplenty – this disruptive tech is rapidly advancing on a hugely traditional sector of the UK’s IT economy. Plus, many of the UK’s hottest start-ups will be on stage, sharing their knowledge, wisdom and foresight.

DevOps Innovation Theatre

Access the latest practices, solutions and technologies that are forging the future of DevOps. With DevOps becoming more familiar and, importantly, comfortable with IT teams, this theatre addresses the latest trends that are compounding the value of DevOps as a business enabler. Focusing on topics ranging from Microservices and DevSecOps, to “shifting left” and DevOps for the database (and more…), this theatre is a must attend for any IT player who wants to understand how to implement and deliver better DevOps.