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Shantanu De

Shantanu De

Principle Architect (Data and Cloud), Royal Mail Group
Shantanu specialises in Architecture, Data, Cloud, DevOps and Software Engineering. Extensive FTSE-100 corporate B2C and B2B experience across Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Telco, Utility, and Transportation, Over 21 years of experience in delivering ERP solutions, business transformations, and Business Intelligence solutions using various SAP, IBM, Oracle, GCP, JDA, Microsoft, and AWS products and technologies. Ability to deliver transformational impacts via AI-ML, Big Data, ERP, SCM, CRM, Cloud Technology, Data Engineering, Data Science, DevOps, Software Engineering, Low-code, Mobile apps, Integration and APIs, Connected devices/IoT. Over 30 professional certifications in AWS, GCP, SAP, SAFE, TOGAF, Oracle, Data Science, and Azure


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