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James Davis

James Davis

Chief Innovation Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
James has over 15 years’ experience in innovative solutions-based IT roles in both the private and public sector. With a focus on health and social care, he has vast experience of leading multi-disciplinary teams nationally. James inaugurated the Innovation and Digital Board for North and East London CSU in 2018. Since then has championed innovation throughout the NHS, most recently joining Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust as Director of Innovation. James demonstrates proven methodologies in developing clear strategic responses to organisational needs and aligning this with the desired outcomes. James is driven by a desire to improve outcomes and efficiency through innovation, working in healthcare, this has an enormous impact on both NHS patients and wider society. His skills include relationship-building and collaborative working with vendors and staff alike. He has a detailed understanding of technical architecture and financial planning. As well as his technical ability he is highly regarded for his people, team management and presentational ability.


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