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Our conference programme will be live in January, but here's a quick taste of some of our sessions confirmed for DevOps Live 2022...

Panel debate: Embracing DevOps culture to accelerate digital transformation

Many organisations have had disappointing experiences with digital transformation. But this is in part because many focus purely on deploying new tech, without changing the underlying culture. DevOps provides an excellent way of using new technology and transforming the way technology teams operate at the same time. It provides a repeatable method for improving collaboration, feedback and communication around new technology development – and that can help maximise your digital transformation. In this session, industry experts will be discussing how to embrace DevOps culture:

• What a DevOps culture looks like
• How to introduce it at your organisation
• Ways it can support wider digital transformation efforts

Discuss and debate: Deploying DevOps at scale

So, you’ve trialled DevOps at your organisation on a handful of small projects. It’s been a success and now you’d like to introduce this approach right across the organisation. How do you do it? In this session, we’ll hear from companies that have experience deploying DevOps at scale. You’ll learn about strategies for developing culture, the skills and training that are needed and ways to communicate what DevOps is about to colleagues. We’ll also be looking at some of the challenges which arise when trying to deploy DevOps in the wider business. Attend to hear about:

• Strategies for deploying DevOps at scale
• Challenges and obstacles to be aware of
• Ways to measure success
• Tools to support you

Master class: Run containerised applications at scale with Kubernetes

If you are running multiple containerised applications, Kubernetes is designed to help. The open-source container orchestration platform allows you to run containers on clusters of physical or virtual machines across the public, private or hybrid cloud, and on-premises. This helps you maximise your hardware resources, orchestrate containers across multiple hosts and automate application updates. In this session, you’ll learn exactly how Kubernetes work, what they’re used for and how they can help you. We’ll be looking at real-world examples and see how you can begin using them. Learn:

• What Kubernetes are, how, and when, to use them
• Strengths and weaknesses of the approach
• Some of the code verification tools on the market
• How they work and what they show
• What they do and don’t tell you

The BIG debate: How AIOps could boost your development processes

Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) uses big data and analytics to boost how IT teams work and manage ever-increasing volumes of data. It can help with a number of activities, including analysis of IT operations data, identifying performance issues, seeking out the cause of IT problems or even solving them. The goal is to streamline IT operations, save you time and reduce the number of outages or incidents your business faces. It’s a compelling use case for AI but will also be challenging to implement. Attend this seminar to hear from industry experts about:

• How AIOps works
• What it can and can’t do
• Overview of solutions available

Security strategy: Automate the security of your cloud architectures with DevSecOps

Putting security at the heart of DevOps can play a big role in reducing the risk of security violations. Some of this relies on manual checks and best practices, but there’s a growing number of tools that can help automate DevSecOps too. These tools can automatically scan code, catch security flaws and provide feedback on how to improve it. These technologies aren’t a silver bullet, but they do provide a quick check of your code and can make your security testing faster. In this session, we’ll hear from industry experts about:
• Some of the code verification tools on the market
• How they work and what they show
• When to use them
• What they do and don’t tell you

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