Our March 2022 Headline Speakers

Tech Main Stage

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Meet the tech minds who have innovated against the pandemic backdrop, who have raised the bar when we needed it most, who have not only helped businesses survive but thrive.


Headline Speakers

Our 2023 Mainstage programme will be announced later. In the meantime, feel free to explore our 2022 Mainstage below.
  1. Main Stage
    Over the past months, we’ve seen the Web at its best: enhancing lives, enabling business, and connec ...
  2. Main Stage
    The UK Government, via the Office for AI, published its National AI Strategy last September, promisi ...
  3. Main Stage
    Beyond Covid: Leveraging learnings, tools, and networks to innovate in health, restore primary healt ...
  4. Main Stage
    - upskilling the workforce, increasing the trustworthiness and ensuring regulation by design for saf ...
  5. Main Stage
  6. Main Stage
  7. Main Stage
    ... ensuring the next generation have the personal qualities and opportunities to flourish in the te ...
  8. Main Stage
  9. Main Stage
    ; distributed ledger tech, vertical cloud, automating at scale, the physical tech stack, data sharin ...
  10. Main Stage
    Companies in every industry are reinventing the way they do business and engage the world. Learn how ...
  11. Main Stage
  12. Main Stage
    ... collaboration, experimentation and continuous learning in a multi-site banking engineering team
  13. Main Stage
    - what does work look like in a workplace where virtual is hardwired into your business. Getting it ...
  14. Main Stage
     –data, governance, transparency and tech strategies to avoid discrimination and ensure success.
  15. Main Stage
    ... using organisations and data citizens to harness AI solutions for economic recovery from Covid
  16. Main Stage
    ... how are companies making alternate routes into tech a solution to solve the tech talent challeng ...
  17. Main Stage
    There is no doubt that the world is very dependent on the Internet these days. If it wasn’t obvious ...
  18. Main Stage
    Organisations small to large struggle with the same idea, how to embed security by design and by def ...


A mainstage keynote speaker line-up like never before.

We gathered together the leaders who have dug deep and found new levels of creativity, innovation and resource. And who have transformed already agile processes to ensure even more ground-breaking levels of problem-solving?

Technology for business, government, the third sector and the health service is more vital than ever before. And so we thought we’d make our latest line-up of expert keynote speakers is more unmissable than ever before.

We hope you were inspired by stories of ongoing challenges when it comes to diversity and inclusion, the skills shortage, finding and training the next generation, cyber security, preventing bias, and working with AI.

We hope you learnt on how to move your strategy forward leaps and bounds. And think more expansively about your data and its impact on the world.

Not bad for just a day or two out of the office.



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