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The future is autonomous

Transformation in Industry Theatre

Tuesday 12th March 2019: 10:25am - 10:45am

Speaker: Duncan Harvey - Vice President, Autonomous Database and Commercial Programmes EMEA - Oracle

By 2020, Oracle predicts that 90 percent of every application and service will incorporate machine learning at some level — and that more than half of all enterprise data will be managed autonomously.  Learn about a better approach to database management that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you get more value from your data and focus on business growth and the next wave of innovation. 

Operating cloud native distributed applications on Oracle cloud infrastructure

Techerati Keynote Theatre

Tuesday 12th March 2019: 10:50am - 11:15am

Speaker: Don Mowbray - Director, Product Management, Cloud Services - Oracle

Mission-critical workloads will run best on an infrastructure designed to provide low latency, high availability, resiliency and consistent performance. Fortunately, these are core tenants for OCI. More and more enterprises are turning to IaaS to meet their IT needs; eschewing the expense and organizational burden of managing corporate data centers. OCI is purpose built for enterprises. It delivers the governance, predictability, and performance of the corporate data center while providing the scalability, cost control, and flexibility of the public cloud. In this session, we will discuss how OCI has helped businesses turn to IaaS to meet their IT needs. 

Putting AI to Work - AI helps you adapt, respond and instigate change at speed, whilst staying trusted, secure and well-governed 

AI Keynote Theatre

Tuesday 12th March 2019: 11:00am - 11:25am

Dominic Stewart - Sales Consulting Director - Oracle 

AI helps you adapt, respond and instigate change at speed, whilst staying trusted, secure and well-governed 

10 Keys to successful digital assistant & ChatBot implementation for the enterprise  

Keynote – Digital Disruption 

Wednesday 13th March 2019: 10:40am - 11:00am

Speaker: Martin Jarvis - Director, Mobile Product Management - Oracle

ChatBots and Digital Assistants are a hot and emerging technology where best practices are still evolving. How will real users interact with a ChatBot? How to identify the top use cases to being your ChatBot journey? How to extract bots conversational design from LOB stakeholders who may never have interacted with ChatBots before? In this session, we will outline keys to a successful ChatBot implementation - how to identify ChatBot use cases, design top-notch conversational flows, target bots functionality for your key users, integrate with backend system and data sources, and most importantly, pick the right ChatBot platform. Come to this session and hear us sharing the secrets to successful ChatBot implementations and how you can reap real business benefits. 

Blockchain – A Use case deep dive and Technical demos 

Blockchain Keynote Theatre

Wednesday 13th March 2019: 10:30am - 10:55am

Vikram Kimyani - Cloud Solutions Architect - Oracle

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in the market today, many enterprises are talking or thinking about the technology. A number have done one or more proof of concepts but when it comes to actual production use cases there are considerably fewer enterprises in this position. Duirng this session, Oracle will showcase actual use cases implemented by Oracle customers and provide a demo walking through one of these use cases. 

AI, Robotics And Innovation – Right here, right now 

AI Keynote Theatre

Wednesday 13th March 2019: 2.05pm - 2.30pm

Speaker: Martin Cookson - Director Mobility EMEA - Oracle 

This session explores how new technology is improving the workplace experience of employees and managers through the use of voice based technologies, robotics and AI, to drive modernisation and efficiencies in every organisation.

Simplify your cloud native DevOps

DevOps Innovation Theatre

Wednesday 13th March 2019: 2:30pm - 2:50pm

Wayne Lewis - Head of Consulting EMEA Oracle Linux & Virtualisation - Oracle

Traditional infrastructure software remains important, but with the rise of cloud computing, cloud native development practices are fast becoming the new norm. The reasons are clear: Microservices-based applications can increase operational agility and boost productivity for DevOps teams. Cloud native technologies empower organizations to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. However, many organizations are overwhelmed by the rapidly changing cloud native technology landscape, and aren’t sure how to proceed.

Join us in this session to hear about how you can solve this challenge by implementing open source, standards-compliant software. 

Find out more about our speakers

Duncan Harvey - Head of Core Technology and Cloud Platform Business Development EMEA - Oracle

Duncan HarveyDuncan and his team drive the EMEA market success of Oracle’s Cloud platform and on-premise technologies by working with customers, partners and internal Oracle teams to proactively demonstrate and promote the business and IT value that can be gained using solutions in the Oracle Cloud, including the incredible Autonomous Database family of services.

Duncan previously led the Business Development teams for Oracle Database and Data Integration in EMEA, launching Oracle Database 12c and overseeing the substantial market growth of products such as GoldenGate. Duncan has over 20 years of business technology experience and has delivered various DBA, architecture, support and development roles in a number of Finance and Media end-user organisations. He has held management positions within Siebel, GoldenGate and Oracle. Duncan has an honours degree in Information Technology together with a technology focused MBA

Don Mowbray - Director, Product Management, Cloud Services - Oracle 

don mawbrayA Cloud transformation leader with 20 years’ experience in Cloud infrastructure and platform, middleware technologies, with particular expertise in IaaS, PaaS, SOA and Java-based middleware architectures; I have held numerous positions in engineering, development, business and sales development, technical consulting, presales, technical architecture and solution architecture practices. 


Martin Cookson - Director Mobility EMEA - Oracle

ianMartin Cookson is the director for business development in mobility and leads a team of Mobile Specialists who engage with customers to develop their mobile and cognitive services strategy for user experience. This includes mobile apps, chatbots and use of cognitive services in an omni-channel strategy.  Martin is involved in working with leading customers in EMEA on the chatbot and mobile strategy and enabling customer and partners to deliver solutions based on Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise (OMCe) technology.  Martin has previously been the director for business development in middleware solutions. With more than 25 years of telecommunications experience, Martin has been a frequent speaker on the subject of Cloud Computing, transformation using SOA in telecom and IT governance. Martin was also responsible for identifying new technology trends and developments in the sector and working closely with field sales to support Oracle’s strategic telecom customers.


Martin Jarvis - Director, Mobile Product Management - Oracle

martin jarvisMartin is a member of Oracle's Digital Assistant Product Management team. He's been developing applications for over 25 years and has more than 15 years of experience working in Enterprise Mobility and now Conversational Experiences (aka chatbots). He has practiced all aspects App development from concept to design, through to implementation. He’s just as comfortable discussing the business and commercial opportunities from going mobile or with Chatbots as he is the solution architecture. He is a certified Enterprise Architect and has always been adept at applying the latest technologies to solve business problems. In his spare time, he's also a passionate volunteer for Code Club (part of the Raspberry Pi foundation), helping primary school children build and develop their IT and coding skills. 

Wayne Lewis - Head of Consulting EMEA, Linux & Virtualisation - Oracle

wayne lewisLeading the EMEA Sales Consulting team for Oracle Open Cloud Infrastructure, Wayne is a virtualisation and operating systems specialist with over 20 years’ experience; holding positions in companies including Sequent Computer Systems, IBM and VMware.  Working with UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and all the major virtualisation technologies provides Wayne with a broad and non-partisan view of the benefits, merits and application of those systems to solve complex business problems in the cloud and modern data centre.  Wayne holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems Design from Kingston University.


Dominic Stewart - Sales Consulting Director - Oracle 

dominicDominic Stewart has an Applications background in Oracle, Siebel and SAP deployments, his main focus being in exploitative Data, Architecture and Analytic solutions. He is currently Oracle UKI Director of the Data and Analytics Solution Engineering organisation, focused on Analytics, Data and Machine Leaning technologies. 






Vikram Kimyani - Cloud Solutions Architect - Oracle

vikram kimyaniVikram has many years’ experience of running a private cloud operations and on-boarding team for Credit Suisse. He now works as a solutions architect for Oracle, advising customers on cloud migrations, API and Blockchain strategy. 

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