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The financial services sector has seen some ground-breaking, technology-led changes in the past few years. Although technology has brought improvement, it’s undoubtedly been disruptive and far from smooth sailing for many in the financial services sector, especially so in the traditional banks. And, if predictions are correct, the changes that are coming over the next few years will be unprecedented.

Open banking and APIs. Transforming from transactional to Insight-as-a-Service, monetizing data and building new revenue streams. Infrastructure modernization, solving legacy system dependency and public cloud adoption. Managing and keeping ahead in cyber-security and compliance. The maturation of Blockchain. FinTech driving change and increasing customer expectations. Being the best in a technologically competitive space. Branch-free banking and much more will be covered throughout the two days of Cloud Expo Europe and our collocated events.   

Updated FCA rulings and the arrival of the European Union’s Payments Services Directive (PSD2), improved security and strong case studies have helped boost financial institutions confidence to adopt cloud technology

If you are a business leader, technologist or part of the senior team ready to or already in the process of unlocking your IT vault you’ll find plenty of solutions and expertise at Cloud Expo Europe. We’re home to leading vendors, partners, consultants and service providers, experienced in helping a wealth of financial service businesses take advantage of the agility, security, efficiency and cost reduction that cloud technology can bring. Join us in March to get access to a world of technology and services specifically crafted for your industry.

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Our speakers confirmed for 2019 included:

  • Dan Kellet - Senior Director of Data Science - Capital One
  • Amit Varma - Head of Technology - Citi Group
  • Shivaji Dasgupta - Managing Director - Deutsche Bank
  • Bas Geerdink - Technology Lead - ING
  • Razvan Tudor - Chapter Lead - ING
  • James McLeod - Software Engineer Lead - Lloyds
  • Paolo Zambonini - Chief Digital & Information Officer - Lowell Group
  • Anthony Stevens - Global Head of Product Innovation - Northern Trust
  • Michele Curtoni - Digital Product Development - State Street
  • George Zarkadakis - Digital Lead - Willis Towers Watson

Citrix Financial Services

All IN MOBILE Case Studies


Scrive is a mobile app solution meant
to provide an e-signature at the
point-of-sale transaction. Due to
the specifics of the application, it is
heavily focused on the tablets.

Find out more


Onegini is a mobile security platform
that provides people with all the
security elements needed for
creating secure mobile apps such as
device registration, mobile login, API
security, and push authentication.
The platform provides flexibility to
login with QR, PIN, Push, Fingerprint
and other Biometrics.

Find out more

Techerati News & Features

  • 09-Jul-2020

    It’s a simple fact of software life. Not all applications start life as mission-critical; but, much like our own process of human evolution, at some point in their lifecycle, they evolve to become more fundamental to the core operations and central workflows that an organisation needs in order to survive.

    Initially, many software applications may be created on the basis of an initial deployment rationale for some lower-level functional procedure, perhaps for a specific line of business, or some other more comparatively lesser task.

    But, in time, due to market shifts and a range of other factors, those initially quite basic apps start to become mission-critical. So we need to be able to evolve applications that started life differently if we are to ensure security and scalability.

    The post The mission-critical software evolution appeared first on Techerati.

  • 23-Jun-2020

    Organisations with critical digital transformation goals and limited budgets may already have the tools they need to meet those goals Companies are taking a hard look at where technology investments are being allocated right now. Many IT leaders have been tasked with cutting costs and maximising ROI while budgets are tight and the macroeconomic environment... Read More

    The post Why optimisation is key when investing in IT appeared first on Techerati.

  • 22-Jun-2020

    Service Request Automation (SRA) can save your IT department time and your organisation money.

    Whether it’s request fulfilment, incident ticket resolution, virtual machine provisioning, user access requests or anything else raised in the service desk – it’s never been easier to improve efficiency by automating these repetitive IT tasks.

    It’s not just efficiency either, IT staff can become infinitely more productive when such activities are resolved automatically. They can focus on the important, business-critical tasks like service improvement activities and end-user resolution.

    The post How to get started with Service Request Automation appeared first on Techerati.




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