Testimonials 2020


What our exhibitors had to say...

"What has been lovely is the support we have had from CloserStill, they realised that we might be struggling with number of leads and they are offering to help support us with that after the event. With free of charge lead packages – which is such a nice thing to have.”

Channel Marketing Manager - Nutanix


"It is nice that the people that are coming are actually interested, as they have braved the environment to come. We are meeting quite a lot of technical people which is to be expected – our target is CTOs and CIOs, but that is all good as we are technical and they are good conversations.

Marketing Director - Amito


“It has been good considering what’s going on, we were expecting the attendance rating to be a lot lower but we are quite happy with the numbers we are seeing. The conversations we are having today are with IT guys from companies of all sizes. I spoke to someone who works for MOD and have also spoken to someone who is a really small start-up business, so it is a really broad spectrum which is great!"

Marketing Manager - Cobweb


"We are meeting of all sizes and verticals. People who are CTOs, project managers or analysts and while they may not be the exact stakeholder for us we can have a deciding factor in what they do and they can recommend us to their different people, it is great for us.”

“Cloud expo is the primary one for us in the UK, we found that cloud expo is the one to be at.”

Pre-Sales Engineer - Kemp

What our delegates had to say...

“The show is quite interesting, so many things are going on. Exhibitors are different here, they have different approaches. You get to understand what they are exhibiting, what they want to show us. Moving forward I will attend more similar shows like this. There are so many companies, so many things to see. So many options for you to look at, which is good, you are not just tie to one thing, you have many things to look at, solutions, services..."

"The variety of the programme and exhibitors, that’s what I like so much. You are not just looking at one thing, you can look at one thing and look at another similar but with different aspects and see how they do it best. I will certainly be back next year.”

Solution Architect - Eviture


“I’m happy about the show, the exhibitors are strong. I come because I need to know what is happening from a technology perspective, what new technologies are, different methodologies use, basically everything from an application infrastructure, IT developments, IT systems, I need to know what is happening in IT. I like the talks, it’s been a very good standard of discussions, very good intelligence insights and understanding you don’t see elsewhere. I will be back next year."

CIO - Interim


"The exhibitors are really good. It’s a good mix, they always come up with things to attract you and they are very friendly, always up for a chat. I always love coming down here for the event and this one hasn’t fail to this point. I will surely coming back next year, I think this is a great event."

Chief Business Lead - CRG


“It is very good actually, a lot of companies are here that are of interest to us. One of our partners were here and it was nice to meet him face to face. The quality of interactions are really good actually, people have more time. There is a lot of vendors here and it is really interesting to hear from them all and find out what everyone is doing.”

Managing Director - Kinaesis

Techerati News & Features

  • 09-Jul-2020

    It’s a simple fact of software life. Not all applications start life as mission-critical; but, much like our own process of human evolution, at some point in their lifecycle, they evolve to become more fundamental to the core operations and central workflows that an organisation needs in order to survive.

    Initially, many software applications may be created on the basis of an initial deployment rationale for some lower-level functional procedure, perhaps for a specific line of business, or some other more comparatively lesser task.

    But, in time, due to market shifts and a range of other factors, those initially quite basic apps start to become mission-critical. So we need to be able to evolve applications that started life differently if we are to ensure security and scalability.

    The post The mission-critical software evolution appeared first on Techerati.

  • 23-Jun-2020

    Organisations with critical digital transformation goals and limited budgets may already have the tools they need to meet those goals Companies are taking a hard look at where technology investments are being allocated right now. Many IT leaders have been tasked with cutting costs and maximising ROI while budgets are tight and the macroeconomic environment... Read More

    The post Why optimisation is key when investing in IT appeared first on Techerati.

  • 22-Jun-2020

    Service Request Automation (SRA) can save your IT department time and your organisation money.

    Whether it’s request fulfilment, incident ticket resolution, virtual machine provisioning, user access requests or anything else raised in the service desk – it’s never been easier to improve efficiency by automating these repetitive IT tasks.

    It’s not just efficiency either, IT staff can become infinitely more productive when such activities are resolved automatically. They can focus on the important, business-critical tasks like service improvement activities and end-user resolution.

    The post How to get started with Service Request Automation appeared first on Techerati.




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