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Deploying On Any Infrastructure in Any Location with Managed Kubernetes

03 Mar 2022
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Deploying On Any Infrastructure in Any Location with Managed Kubernetes

Most public cloud services today are provided through centralized platforms, such as those offered by the hyperscalers. However, a growing set of use cases necessitate workloads to be run either through a hybrid architecture on private infrastructure or on local datacenters in proximity to end-users in order to provide a high level of performance.

In addition, the need for proximity is growing as many countries have introduced stringent in-country data requirements.

A new cloud architecture is therefore necessary that enables applications to be deployed with geographic resolution unavailable on the large public cloud.

This presentation will demonstrate the Ridge’s cloud built upon distributed infrastructure. The cloud is based upon converting existing capacity into modern PaaS offerings. It accomplishes this by enabling datacenters, or any legacy infrastructure, that have private cloud or virtual data center offerings to easily add cloud-native services, such as managed Kubernetes, containers, and object storage.

Nir Sheffi, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, CTO - Ridge


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