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Break me if you can: A practical guide to building fault-tolerant systems

02 Mar 2022
DevOps Live Theatre 1
Securing the DevOps Landscape , Observability

You built your system, you deployed it, you rolled it out to production. Is it the end? No, it’s just the beginning. The life of your system just started. Just like a baby it will grow, evolve and wake you up in the middle of the night. 

Usually, at this point you start thinking about production readiness, fault tolerance and error handling. Those concepts sound simple: modern frameworks promise to effortlessly solve it for you. But what is hiding behind the simplicity? Is there anything else that may hurt you? Let’s take a peek, and find out how to design and run truly fault tolerant systems. 

Let’s make it real by trying failure scenarios against a live system, handling failures in real-time - showing collaboration patterns that you can use right away to make YOUR system more resilient and easier to operate.

Mykyta Protsenko, Senior Software Engineer - Netflix
Alex Borysov, Senior Software Engineer - Netflix


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