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DevOps- no longer a question of why, but a question of how!

DevOpsThe last 18 months have been a defining period for DevOps and the Fast IT landscape, with the utility and value of the DevOps workflow now understood and recognised by the majority of IT leaders responsible for optimising the efficiency of IT systems, and adoption booming.

The spinal properties of DevOps - speed, agility, teamwork and economies of scale – make this practice and culture a dream for every professional involved in application development and delivery, software updates and infrastructure change. In 2020, the DevOps methodology has begun to transcend software development and delivery with the framework becoming a watertight enabler for IT teams building, developing and operating rapidly-changing resilient systems at scale.

There is no surprises then that both enterprise and service providers are increasingly relying on DevOps and supporting technology to boost their competitive edge and enhance offerings. 

The home of containers



The container landscape is booming like never before across EMEA. In fact, many industry analysts anticipate that by the end of 2020, 53% of enterprises will be running containers in their production environments - a massively stark difference from even 12 months ago.

DevOps Live is officially partnered by Docker, who demonstrate an exclusive container showcase addressing the latest developments and programmes in the container eco-system. Furthermore, in 2020 we are delighted to host a dedicated cloud native stream that will address the full lifecycle of cloud native applications. These unique features, hosted by pioneers of container and cloud native technologies, make DevOps Live a “must attend” for any software lifecycle specialist and/or decision maker involved with the production of cloud native and/or containerised applications; offering our audience hands on time with the latest releases and developments across the container landscapes most used and prevalent platforms including Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Prometheus.

DevOps Live with Docker, is the largest and most comprehensive gathering of DevOps specialists and influencers in the UK. Joined by over 5500 DevOps decision makers, from 53 countries, and over 50 DevOps solution providers at 2019's event, DevOps Live has cemented its place as the home of progressive DevOps for the EMEA community.

If your interested in visitor tickets please get in contact with the details below: 

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DevOps Industry AwardsDevOps Live has, for the second year running, been nominated as a finalist in the “Overall DevOps Project – Entertainment/Media Sector” category at the UK DevOps Industry Awards. The DevOps Industry Awards celebrates significant input to the UK DevOps industry and recognises contributors to the growth of the UK DevOps Landscape. Our nomination further cements the unique role DevOps Live plays in bringing together the UK DevOps community by creating an environment that encourages progressive discussions around the DevOps of tomorrow.



DevOps Live with Docker, utilises the Cloud Expo Europe network to create a dedicated DevOps and developer engagement that revolves exclusively around the needs of the DevOps community.

Bringing together DevOps buyers, influencers and users, DevOps Live with Docker is the one stop shop for UK vendors who want to be seen, heard and understood in the DevOps space and offers a unique chance to build your business case in front of genuine buyers of DevOps solutions.

DevOps Live with Docker is now a tried and tested business development platform with an established track record of delivering qualified leads, thought leadership and brand awareness for our show partners, who include, CNCF, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Salesforce, CloudBees, Puppet, Chef, Aqua Security, Twistlock, Rancher Labs, NGINX, Redgate Software, New Relic, Sysdig, Sonatype, GitLab and Oracle.

If you would like to be seen and heard alongside this group of DevOps experts, have an overview of our audience industry breakdown, job levels, company size and technology spend, or copy of the latest floorplan and stand prices, please let us know using the details below.

More than 72% of floor space is already sold, so contact us now to talk through our remaining options and discuss the best way you can get involved.

Contact Hursh: 
T:+44 (0)203 978 1670
M: +44 (0)77 902 13899



“The collaboration with the events team is absolutely amazing. We work together to build something that is aesthetically pleasing but
also will drive attendance and help our business. We are very happy with that. It’s been great so far, really busy and a lot of fun. We have
the perfect location for that and we had so many important and promising conversations. It’s been a dream. Cloud Expo Europe is
fun and crazy in terms of scope. Everybody who has a name in the industry is here. It’s amazing to see all the different contributions
that each company regardless of size can make.”

Sales Deveopment, GitLab


“We’re having good conversations with people at the right level. It’s been busy and we’re meeting the people that we usually target. In terms of volume of people this year’s show is great. The show is good mix of technology & it’s good to be a part of it.”
Account Representative, Puppet


“DevOps is a great show! There are a lot of vendors that we work with, our customers and partners so it’s a great opportunity to
catch up with them. We moderated a session and there was a lot of interest and attendance. Our stand is located in the middle of DevOps and CEE which is great as we get both audiences. DevOps is multifaceted, multiple audiences & a good show.”

VP Marketing & Business Development, Morpheus Data


“Cloud Expo Europe is one of the primary events that we mark in our calendar every year, we’re really excited to be back again. All in all it’s a really, really good event. Cloud Expo is 100%
advantageous for our business as we pick up some of the most important leads for the year. We want to attend every single year! It is the premium event to go to, it has Security, it has  Cloud and now DevOps which is our focus point, we enjoy this event so much. Cloud Expo is energetic, prosperous and insightful.”

Consultant, ECS Digital



DevOps Live offers our audience a one stop shop for them to access, engage with and learn about the latest and greatest innovations in DevOps and Containers and hear from thought leaders who have helped create and shape this phenomenon.

  • The global DevOps market size is expected to reach USD 12.5 - 13 billion by 2025, according to several research studies. This reflects an 18%-20% CAGR during this time frame.
  • The main drivers behind this, in the current landscape, are the growing uptake of cloud technologies, soaring adoption of agile frameworks, and the consequent need for better collaboration between IT teams to enhance operational efficiency.
  • 5500+ DevOps and software lifecycle specialists joined us at DevOps Live 2019, making us the largest physical gathering of the DevOps community in 2019.
  • 2019 continues to see the rise of the container with the surge in use and development of “Container-as-a-Service” solutions. Docker and Kubernetes by some distance, the leading containerisation technology developers in the world. DevOps Live 2019 is the only trade show you will find them in the UK in 2019.
  • From the DevOps delegates at DevOps Live 2018, 73% had a budget dedicated to in-house DevOps development over the next 18 months.
  • 84% will be implementing a DevOps strategy and resourcing this with a budget over the next 18 months.




As one of the fastest growing contributors to modern IT system development, the DevOps eco-system is loaded with technology developments and market trends that are constantly evolving.

Both ground breaking technology advances- including microservices, containers, serverless computing, Kubernetes- and forging market forces- like “CALMS”, DevSecOps, DataOps, Open Approaches- add to the complexity of understanding how to optimise a DevOps process and infrastructure. Getting it right delivers unrivalled advantages in system development, maintenance and evolution, but getting it wrong can be costly, laborious and time consuming. Navigating this minefield to find a solution that suits your specific business needs is essential.

DevOps Live offers two dedicated theatres of content addressing the latest technology developments and market trends; providing access to real life case studies from Europe’s leading DevOps programmes alongside in depth, technical outlines of the markets leading and newest technologies.

It's here where the EMEA DevOps community will address the top 5 challenges and trends over the next 18 months, through dedicated streams of content hosted by the industry's leading case studies and examples of successful DevOps implementations and delivery. Development areas for 2019 cover: 

High performing teams & culture

The culture and performance of DevOps teams is critical to sustainable success. Presently, however, teams are still being hampered by communication gaps and departments each operating as the project lead rather than sharing the load. This stream will discover how to breakdown these silos, improve communication between the development and security teams and change up sprint retrospectives to be more effective and simulate motivation. All in all, be inspired to share learning experiences, common goals and have greater integration between teams.

Securing the DevOps landscape

By now, we’ve all heard of DevSecOps, but how do we foster an environment where we can safely deliver codes in an agile architecture? We will consider the key elements to secure this landscape including approaches to continuous feedback, deploying automation - both developed in house and using open source tools. This stream will go further and explore the successes and challenges from organisations using machine learning and how to create a testing environment without impacting the customer.

Cloud native, containers and microservices

There is currently a surge in machine learning and AI deployment across cloud native environments and microservices. From test automation, ML in Kubernetes to the intelligence layer that is continuous verification; it’s clear that, if not already, machine learning should be your top priority. But what are the other trends and challenges in this environment and what are the key learnings from like-minded DevOps teams? Hear all this and more.

DevOps in the enterprise

In a large organisation, DevOps teams might be constrained to the formalities of the IT department, but that doesn’t mean agile is out the window. Using case study examples, this stream will tackle the main challenges in enterprise DevOps from adoption, scaling in highly regulated environments, orchestration and ensuring on-time delivery.

New trends: AIOps, ML and DataOps

This stream is all about the latest trends, tools and myth debunking. It will consider the latest use cases of AIOps and the unique challenges when compared to AL and ML. Also, learn all things DataOps, from organisations that have increased revenue, driven efficiencies and customer experience as well as faced hurdles in data quality. Join us to see what will be next on your DevOps to-do list and how to navigate the current trends.


If you’re a company that operates at the forefront of DevOps and Containers or are transforming the way enterprise develop, evolve and maximise IT systems, then get we want to hear from you!

If you would like to learn more about opportunities for your company or to discuss sponsorship of our DevOps Live, contact Hursh Chavda:
E: | T: +44 (0)203 978 1670  | M: +44 (0)77 902 13899

Please click here to request more information about exhibiting at DevOps Live!      

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