Our 2023 Themes included

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Digital Acceleration

In a world where everything’s digital, this theme will offer an opportunity to step back and ask “what’s next?” We’ll be taking stock of the massive progress we’ve seen in uptake of digital tools, then explore what leaders in the field are doing to take the tech to the next level.

Join us for stimulating discussions on a series of emerging trends, talking points and debates around digital acceleration. We’ll be asking if it’s time to move on from the buzzword of ‘digital transformation’, looking into 5G and its uses (beyond the hype), the possibilities of edge computing and AI. But it’s all ‘blue sky thinking’. Our panels of experts will be digging into the nuts ‘n’ bolts of digital acceleration, exploring optimisation of existing investments, costs management, security & integration and many more practical factors. Join us for sessions on:

  • New tech megatrends and what they mean for you
  • What’s over hyped, and what to take seriously
  • Practical factors to maximise digital investments

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

If your organisation has (or would like to have) a mixture of hybrid or multi-cloud environments, you will of course benefit from the ‘best of both worlds’. Nonetheless, using this IT model does have its drawbacks and complications – and it’s certainly less straightforward than going all-in with one cloud provider. This theme is therefore intended to help you to keep experiencing those benefits, without getting bogged down with cost management, multi-cloud monitoring, or security concerns.

In a series of engaging sessions, our panel experts will be tackling the issues surrounding hybrid or multi-cloud operating models. You’ll find insights, guidance and research into a range of important topics, including:

  • Management – from CloudOps to infrastructure automation, monitoring to consumption model, governance to optimisation
  • Multi cloud and hybrid cloud security
  • Dealing with costs and managing spend
  • How to reduce complexity
  • Overview of technology, tools and techniques for managing your model

Skills, Talent & Culture

Working in the cloud requires radically different skills and business culture to working on-premises. Unfortunately, all too many organisations try to simply lift and shift, without properly adapting how they work to the new environment. To help your business adapt to the cloud, this series of sessions will provide insights into managing the transformation in skills, talent and working culture needed for a successful cloud migration.

We’ll be particularly focusing on the perennial issue of people strategies – how to get employees to understand the change to business practices, and go with it. Getting the tech right is often the easy bit compared to changing the culture at your firm and getting people to use new IT. We’ll also be looking into training ideas, communication techniques, diversity, and the war for cloud talent. Join us for discussions about:

  • Getting employees ready for cloud migrations
  • Training, outside support and internal leadership
  • Whether to hire our outsource cloud expertise

Future Tech

What will tomorrow’s cloud technology look like? In these sessions, we’ll be calling on panels of experts to talk about emerging tech that could have a major influence on the cloud, its efficiency, and how it’s delivered. This is about more than just gazing into the crystal ball; having an idea of what cloud technology is coming down the line – and how it might affect you – can give you a serious advantage over competitors.

Our experts will be investigating future tech that is likely to have a big impact on the world of business. We’ll be hearing about carbon-intelligent infrastructure, to see how companies can reduce or minimise their impact on the environment. Expect sessions on AI, ML, and IoT and new trends in these already-present fields. Looking further ahead, we’ll be exploring quantum computing and real-world applications for distributed ledger technologies, as well as software-defined cloud interconnection. Come along to hear about:

  • Emerging tech you need to know about
  • How it will affect the cloud
  • How to get your business prepared

Attend Cloud Expo Europe on 6-7 March 2024 at ExCeL London

Cloud Expo Europe is designed for C-level staff, digital transformation leaders, IT architects, and managers. No matter the size of your business, or whether you represent the public or private sector, there will be lots of takeaways and goals to achieve at the event.

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