Conference Theatres


Industry experts and business leaders take to the stages across Cloud Expo Europe and its collocated events bringing insightful, practical and inspirational content. The Conference Programme will be live in the coming weeks but in the meantime please find the list of theatres and topics below. 

If you are interested in speaking at the 2020 event, please email Hayley Green from our content team. 

Techerati Keynote

In the constantly expanding world of cloud and disruptive technology it can be a full time job keeping up! Join us in the Techerati Keynote theatre for short, powerful talks from technology leaders, top-rated visionaries and senior industry executives. These sessions will help you quickly get to grips with the technologies that are driving transformation, industry trends, future disruptors and disruptions, best practices for successfully navigating enterprise IT, lessons learned and predictions for what’s to come.


No matter where you are on your cloud adoption journey we guarantee that you’ll walk away from the keynote theatre informed, inspired and invigorated.

DevOps, Containers and Cloud Native Theatre

Experience how and why DevOps, containers and cloud native provide real value for developers, application lifecycle specialists and the wider IT team. Hear about the latest and emerging techniques and technologies (including Kubernetes, Mesosphere, Rancher) in the DevOps and containers space and understand how DevOps and containers are changing the IT landscape.

Experts will share their theory on how these disciplines can improve interoperability, while creating a stable base for emerging technologies and practices.

Connectivity Theatre

Businesses of all sizes are responding to the demand for agile, scalable IT infrastructure. Infrastructure that can meet the need for innovation, seamless customer engagement, employee productivity and mobile workforces, whilst being reliable, affordable, manageable and secure.

The Connectivity Theatre at Cloud Expo Europe 2020 will be home to case studies, current trends, practical advice and myth debunking in all things connectivity related. For networking pros there’ll be content on staying ahead in today’s ever-changing world of IT skills and specialisations. We’ll be covering what being connected means and how we keep up. SDN, NFV, IBN, Next-Gen Trends and Technologies and what they mean for you. Ensuring your business is adequately resourced and finding the right partners. Plus, insights and tech talks on subjects including 5G, Edge-Computing, SD-Wan, Automation, Orchestration, Seamless Workflows, Visibility and Analytics.  

Whether you are a large department or a team of 1, if you are responsible for making sure your business is connected, our Connectivity Theatre will leave you with practical takeaways and new ideas.

Infrastructure, Storage and Virtualisation Theatre

Always on is no longer a choice. Businesses need to be accessible in some way, all day, every day, whilst also being completely secure. From dealing with always on devices needing access to your data, to how your business can survive a natural disaster. Experts in the Availability, Continuity and Recovery Theatre will be covering a range of topics to help you plan for disruption and recovery. We’ll have a raft of sessions including the difference between business continuity and disaster recovery and why you need to consider both. Leveraging the power of virtualization. The increased uptake of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and how to ensure your mobile workforce has a seamless experience. The security of cloud storage and how to choose the right solution. Surviving mission-critical failures and planning for success.

Businesses far and wide have to be protected against and prepared for cyber intrusions, business interruption, regulatory changes and disaster risk. Join us at Cloud Expo Europe to be armed with the knowledge and connections to be open all hours.

Multi-Cloud Strategy & Management Theatre

Start a conversation about cloud and you are rarely talking about a single product or service. For some, multi-cloud is a strategy set out as part of a detailed digital transformation plan. For others, it’s an accidental process that may or may not be ticking all the boxes. For more than a few, it’s a terrifying prospect that is delaying the adoption of technology and services, affecting the potential for rapid innovation and ability to outpace competition.

We’ll be tackling key topics including…Multi-Cloud 101. How do you keep multi manageable? The challenges and opportunities of multi-cloud including data governance and compliance, how to minimise complexity, retain commonality, the difference between multi and hybrid and much more. For the channel there’ll be sessions on next generation IT channel and how to leverage the opportunity multi-cloud presents.

Whether you’re in a multi-cloud muddle, got all your clouds in a row or you’re figuring out how to get started, join us in the Multi-Cloud Theatre to get the low-down on multi-cloud efficiency and manageability.

Future of Finance Theatre

There’s no doubt that technological advancements and customer expectations have shaken and stirred the Finance and Banking industry in all manner of ways. How the sector fares in this new world impacts every aspect of our business and personal lives.

The Future of Finance Theatre at Cloud Expo Europe will be home to industry experts and technology specialists from across the finance, banking and financial services sector. We’ll be covering the challenges of staying secure when your architecture has to be connected to anything, anywhere. Discussions on how fintech is driving transformation and accelerating change. Plus sessions on Blockchain – beyond the hype, building a digital-banking business, what open banking could mean for your business, simplifying legacy systems and the importance of customer intelligence.

If your role involves any aspect of keeping a financial institution running smoothly and securely whilst tackling the challenges and opportunities that technological innovation and customer expectation has brought to the table, the Future of Finance Theatre should be high on your Cloud Expo Europe agenda.

DevOps Innovation Theatre

Access the latest practices, solutions and technologies that are forging the future of DevOps. With DevOps becoming more familiar and, importantly, comfortable with IT teams, our DevOps Innovation Theatre addresses the latest trends that are compounding the value of DevOps as a business enabler. Focusing on topics ranging from Microservices to DevSecOps to “shifting left” to DevOps for the database (and more…) this theatre is a must attend for any IT player who wants to understand how to implement and deliver better DevOps.

Digital Transformation Theatre

Digital Transformation is the matter of the moment. Dig below the headline, the varied definitions and debates, and what do we get? Technology is vital for business success and there needs to be a plan to effectively achieve technology-enabled change.

The Digital Transformation theatre will be host to a series of sessions to help businesses of all sizes, both channel and enterprise understand the questions they need to ask to achieve digital transformation. Navigating the buzzwords and challenges and how to achieve transformation on a budget. Breaking digital transformation into manageable and more importantly deliverable chunks. Scaling digital change more sustainably, reducing technical debt, the new Tech Exec, transforming from perpetual to recurring revenue and much more.

Overused phrase or not, digital transformation is reshaping industries at pace and the sessions at Cloud Expo Europe 2019 will cover what’s been, what’s to come and how to make the right choices to remain competitive.



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