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As-a service

The as-a-Service model is one of the most successful and widely used developments in business technology of the past decade. It gives you more flexibility than ever and immediate access to the latest innovations. But it has its drawbacks too. Many firms struggle with cloud bloat, unpredictable overspend, a lack of control and persistent security worries. In this theme we’ll be looking at how the as-a-Service model is evolving, trends in strategy and management techniques that can help you stay on top of your many subscriptions.

  • Channel: opportunity of changing customer landscape / changing future of work
  • Channel: How to adapt and thrive
  • Cloud Service Providers + Telco – what’s the benefit
  • Flexible consumption – XaaS
  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

Sustainable Cloud

Cloud data centres are responsible for around 0.5% of global CO2 emissions – that’s roughly equivalent to The Netherlands’ carbon footprint. Public cloud providers are responsible for a large share of this, and are under pressure to reduce emissions – but their customers also share some responsibility. These sessions will explore innovations that are helping make cloud data centres more sustainable. We’ll also look at how cloud customers can account for the carbon footprint of their cloud usage and methods for reducing their environmental impact.

  • Driving a green reset
  • Net Zero
  • Energy-efficient infrastructure
  • Sustainable software engineering practices
  • Green Investing
  • Delivering a sustainable future

Emerging Tech

When you’re at the coalface, it can be difficult to scan the horizon. This theme is your opportunity to take the time to do just that. We’ll be exploring some of the most promising emerging technology that’s set to affect your business in the near future.

How might it change what you do? In what ways could it disrupt your industry? Could you use it to get an edge? We’ll be cutting through the hype and exploring how these technologies work, what they can (and can’t) do and who they could benefit from.

  • Edge & Fog
  • AI/ML
  • Quantum
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Extended Reality

Digital Acceleration

Almost every company today is a digital company. So how do you maintain a competitive edge when the low-hanging fruit of digital transformation has already been picked? 

We’ll be looking at the technologies that can have the greatest impact on revenues and see how different industries are using digital. We’ll also consider how you can choose digital tools that support your strategy, while also informing that strategy based on what technology is available.

Topics include Cloud strategy, Legacy application strategy/approach, Cloud-native, Delivering digital transformation workloads, Optimising costs, 5G, Reducing technical debt, Upskilling the workforce, Workforce adoption and training, Changing role of the CIO, Business + IT – going from implementing to strategic advice, and The importance of employee experience.

Hybrid & Multi Cloud

There’s never been more flexibility when it comes to setting up your ideal corporate IT environment. Most organisations are opting for a blend of clouds from different vendors, as well as some on-prem and perhaps their own private cloud too. This flexibility allows you to build your own highly personalised infrastructure. But it does have the drawback of being complex to manage. In these sessions, we’ll be looking at how to get the balance right when it comes to connecting platforms, ensuring a smooth flow of information and choosing technologies to bridge the gap between clouds and on-prem.


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